Friday, April 24, 2009

Audio Transmissions

here are a few 'casts to amuse and inform you.

Fresh Air (April 23, 2009) The Sexy 'Secret Identity' Of Superman's Creator.

"Author Craig Yoe explores the risque art of the man behind Superman in his new book, Secret Identity: The Fetish Art Of Superman's Co-creator Joe Shuster."

finding out that Joe Shuster drew kinky comics not only explains some things about Superman, but also brings to mind the open secret that Robert Silverberg once wrote x-rated books to pay the bills.

on a less salacious note, here are a few podcasts about Star Trek from the Chanesurfer Radio archives.

11/30/2002 The Biology of Star Trek (16.77MB)
Dr. J. talks with Athena Andreadis, neurobiologist and author of The Biology of Star Trek, about the future of the human race. Dr. Andreadis discusses the future speciation of the human race as it spreads in space. "Resistance is Futile. You will be conviviated."

04/06/2002 The Ethics of Star Trek (16.77MB)
Dr. J. talks with Judith Barad, author of The Ethics of Star Trek.

03/08/2003 Is Data Human?: The Metaphysics of Star Trek (16.59MB)
Dr. J. talks about the challenges to personal identity and the rights of persons posed in Star Trek, with Richard Hanley, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Delaware, and author of Is Data Human?: The Metaphysics of Star Trek.

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