Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prelude to Space

"Say "Hello" for Me" by Frank W. Coggins

"Twenty years is a long time to live in anticipation. At least, Professor Pettibone thought so—until the twenty years were up."

"Field Trip" by Gene Hunter

"It is rumored that technology might eliminate many useless items from our regulated life of the future—including good, old-fashioned sex. However, let's kibitz for a moment ..."

"Pipe of Peace" by James McKimmey

"There's a song that says "it's later than you think" and it is perhaps lamentable that someone didn't sing it for Henry that beautiful morning...."

"Prelude to Space" by Robert W. Haseltine

"You're certain to be included in a survey at one time or another. However, there's one you may not recognize as such. Chances are it will be more important than you imagine. It could be man's—"

"Spies Die Hard!" by Arnold Marmor

"Earth's espionage ring was a headache, so the Martian Security Chief offered ten thousand credits for a key agent. But even for a price—"

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