Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Psilent Partner

"The Sloths of Kruvny" by Vern Fearing

"This world we live in is a pretty grim place. It's tough to make a living. At any moment we may get blown up, down or sideways by the atom bomb. The day after tomorrow may never come, and on top of all this, TV commercials are getting worse and worse. It seems that our only salvation is a sense of humor, so we give you "The Sloths ..." a very unserious yarn."

The Psilent Partner by John Victor Peterson and Edward S. Staub

"Without stressing the technological aspects of the strange powers of the widely-talented ones—the psis, espers, telepaths which have been so painstakingly forecast by Stapledon, van Vogt, Weinbaum, Vance and others—Messieurs Peterson and Staub have whipped fantasy, forecasts and facts into a stirring and mentally titillating story of a too-imaginative mind."

"Star Performer" by Robert Shea

"Blue Boy's rating was high and his fans were loyal to the death—anyone's death!"

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