Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Adventures of Superman

I'm skipping ahead to a storyline with some pronounced sf content (aside from Superman being an E. T.).

The Radar Rocket Part 01
The Radar Rocket Part 02
The Radar Rocket Part 03
The Radar Rocket Part 04
The Radar Rocket Part 05

Leapin' lizards! Jimmy Olsen is trapped in space aboard the radar rocket. Can even Superman save him?

Aside from some basic facts about the Earth's moon the science gets kind of silly, even for a kid's show. Take this fun quiz and see how you compare to the characters in this episode. You're stuck in orbit 16,000 km above the Earth. Do you a) jury-rig a radio transmitter and send an SOS, b) adjust the rocket engine to act as a signal flare, or c) attach weights to pigeons and throw them out of the spacecraft with messages tied to their dead, little feet? Yeesh.

For more classic Superman check out the podcasts Golden Age Superman and The Thrilling Adventures of Superman.

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