Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Signalman

Before Agnes Moorehead made Darrin Stephens' life miserable she had a long career in film and radio. She appeared in more episodes of Suspense than any other actor or actress. The "first lady of Suspense," as she was known, stars here in an adaptation of Charles Dickens' "The Signal-Man." H. P. Lovecraft mentioned this story in his study, Supernatural Horror in Literature (1927), remarking that it is "a tale of ghostly warning...and touched with a verisimilitude which allies it as much with the coming psychological school as with the dying Gothic school."

Suspense (23 Mar 53) "The Signalman" 28m54s


Matt said...

She was also Margo Lane to Orson Welle's Shadow on the radio. Most importantly, she was good in all of her roles.

Jerry Cornelius said...

Yes, she was very talented. I'm glad there are sites like the Internet Archive making more of her work accessible.