Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mystery Science Radio - Post Halloween Bonus Show

"The strange pirate radio adventures of the crew of the Jefferson Airship ... "

Daleks, MacArthur Park, and Torgo is taken to a play.

Post Halloween Bonus Show


DJ Frederick said...

Hello Jerry

Could you please post this show ... I can not upload it to Radio4all from any computer ... no idea why ... and I don't want it to be the great lost holiday episode. Thanks!

Part one

Part two

DJ Frederick said...

Hello Jerry

I'd be most grateful if you could post this new episode of Mystery Science Radio on your blog ...

The 2011 Holiday Show
part one

part two

Jerry Cornelius said...

Actually the way I do it is by linking to the file on Radio4all. But I'll post it since I see you finally managed to upload it there. :)