Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robert Silverberg

Today is the birthday of the renowned Grand Master Robert Silverberg. A noteworthy author and editor, he began his prolific career in the 1950's producing an astonishing amount of fiction, much under numerous pseudonyms, often in collaboration with the late Randall Garret. But he really came into his own at the time of the New Wave, proving himself one of the finest writers of that movement. Among his memorable novels during this period are Thorns (1967), Hawksbill Station (1968), Up the Line (1969), Downward to Earth (1970), Tower of Glass (1970), The Second Trip (1972), The Stochastic Man (1975), and Shadrach in the Furnace (1976). Disgusted with the editorial practices then prevalent in the field and unhappy that his work was not receiving more recognition, Mr. Silverberg joined fellow literary powerhouse Barry N.Malzberg in renouncing the genre. Luckily for us he soon returned to writing with the finely wrought Planetary Romance Lord Valentine's Castle (1980). He has remained active in sf ever since and continues to write impressive and provocative fiction and essays. So happy birthday to you, Robert Silverberg.

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