Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Astounding Stories, June, 1931

"The Man From 2071" By Sewell Peaslee Wright

"Out of the Flow of Time There Appears to Commander John Hanson a Man of Mystery from the Forgotten Past."

Manape the Mighty By Arthur J. Burks

"High in Jungle Treetops Swings Young Bentley—His Human Brain Imprisoned in a Mighty Ape." (A Complete Novelette.)

Holocaust By Charles Willard Diffin

"The Extraordinary Story of "Paul," Who for Thirty Days Was Dictator of the World."

"The Earthman's Burden" By R. F. Starzl

"There is Foul Play on Mercury—until Danny Olear of the Interplanetary Flying Police Gets After His Man."

The Exile of Time By Ray Cummings

"Larry and George from 1935, Mary from 1777—All Are Caught up in the Treacherous Tugh's Revolt of the Robots in the Time World of 2930." (Part Three of a Four-Part Novel.)

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