Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tunnel Under The World

No Charge for Alterations by H. L. Gold

'"We got a way to handle that on Deneb. A girl gets highfalutin up there, the Doc puts her in the Ego Alter room. Thicken up her ankles a little, take some of the sparkle out of her eyes and hair, and you get a woman fit to pull a plow!"

Hold it, Madam! H. L. Gold said that; not us. Personally, we like girls—not Percherons!

"Rough Translation" by Jean M. Janis

"Don't be ashamed if you can't blikkel any more. It's because you couldn't help framishing."

The Tunnel Under The World by Frederik Pohl

"Pinching yourself is no way to see if you are dreaming. Surgical instruments? Well, yes—but a mechanic's kit is best of all!"

Perfect Control by Richard Stockham

"Why can't you go home again after years in space? There had to be an answer ... could he find it in time, though?"

"The Eel" by Miriam Allen DeFord

"The punishment had to fit more than just the crime—it had to suit every world in the Galaxy!"

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