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Astounding Stories (April, 1930)

On Sale the First Thursday of Each Month

W. M. CLAYTON, Publisher HARRY BATES, Editor

The Clayton Standard on a Magazine Guarantees:

That the stories therein are clean, interesting, vivid; by leading writers of the day and purchased under conditions approved by the Authors' League of America;

That such magazines are manufactured in Union shops by American workmen;

That each newsdealer and agent is insured a fair profit;

That an intelligent censorship guards their advertising pages.

Cover Design by H. W. Wessolowski
Painted in Water-colors from a Scene in "Monsters of Moyen."

"The Man Who Was Dead" by Thomas H. Knight
As Jerry's Eyes Fell on the Creature's Head, He Shuddered—for the Face Was Nothing but Bone, with Dull-brown Skin Stretched Taut over It. A Skeleton That Was Alive!

Monsters of Moyen by Arthur J. Burks
"The Western World Shall be Next!" Was the Dread Ultimatum of the Half-monster, Half-god Moyen.

"Vampires of Venus" by Anthony Pelcher
Leslie Larner, an Entomologist Borrowed from the Earth, Pits Himself Against the Night-flying Vampires That Are Ravaging the Inhabitants of Venus.

Brigands of the Moon (Part 2 of 4) by Ray Cummings
Out of Awful Space Tumbled the Space-ship Planetara Towards the Moon, Her Officers Dead, With Bandits at Her Helm—and the Controls Out of Order!

"The Soul Snatcher" by Tom Curry
From Twenty Miles Away Stabbed the "Atom-filtering" Rays to Allen Baker in His Cell in the Death House.

"The Ray of Madness" by Captain S. P. Meek
Dr. Bird Uncovers a Dastardly Plot, Amazing in its Mechanical Ingenuity, Behind the Apparently Trivial Eye Trouble of the President.

Produced by Greg Weeks, Meredith Bach, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team

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