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Astounding Stories (March, 1930)

On Sale the First Thursday of Each Month

W. M. CLAYTON, Publisher HARRY BATES, Editor DOUGLAS M. DOLD, Consulting Editor

The Clayton Standard on a Magazine Guarantees:
That the stories therein are clean, interesting, vivid; by leading writers of the day and purchased under conditions approved by the Authors’ League of America;
That such magazines are manufactured in Union shops by American workmen;
That each newsdealer and agent is insured a fair profit;
That an intelligent censorship guards their advertising pages.

Cover Design by H. W. Wessolowski

Painted in Water-colors from a Scene in “Brigands of the Moon.”

"Cold Light" by Capt. S. P. Meek

How Could a Human Body Be Found Actually Splintered––Broken into Sharp Fragments Like a Shattered Glass! Once Again Dr. Bird Probes Deep into an Amazing Mystery.

Brigands of the Moon (Part 1 of 4) by Ray Cummings

Black Mutiny and Brigandage Stalk the Space-ship Planetara as She Speeds to the Moon to Pick Up a Fabulously Rich Cache of Radium-ore.

The Soul Master by Will Smith and R. J. Robbins

Desperately O’Hara Plunged into Prof. Kell’s Mysterious Mansion. For His Friend Skip Was the Victim of the Eccentric Scientist’s De-astralizing Experiment, and Faced a Fate More Hideous than Death.

"From the Ocean’s Depths" by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Man Came from the Sea. Mercer, by His Thought-telegraph, Learns from the Weirdly Beautiful Ocean-maiden of a Branch that Returned There.

Vandals of the Stars by A. T. Locke

A Livid Flame Flares Across Space––and Over Manhattan Hovers Teuxical, Vassal of Malfero, Lord of the Universe, Who Comes with Ten Thousand Warriors to Ravage and Subjugate One More Planet for His Master.

Produced by Greg Weeks, Katherine Ward, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team

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