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Astounding Stories (July, 1930)

On Sale the First Thursday of Each Month

W. M. CLAYTON, Publisher
DR. DOUGLAS M. DOLD, Consulting Editor

The Clayton Standard on a Magazine Guarantees

That the stories therein are clean, interesting, vivid, by leading writers of the day and purchased under conditions approved by the Authors' League of America;

That such magazines are manufactured in Union shops by American workmen;

That each newsdealer and agent is insured a fair profit;

That an intelligent censorship guards their advertising pages.

Cover Design by H. W. Wessolowski

 Painted in Water-colors from a Scene in "Earth, the Marauder."

"Beyond the Heaviside Layer" by Capt. S. P. Meek 

For Eighty Vertical Miles Carpenter and Bond Blasted Their Way—Only to Be Trapped by the Extraordinary Monsters of the Heaviside Layer.

Earth, the Marauder (Part 1 of 3) by Arthur J. Burks 

 Out of Her Orbit Sped the Teeming Earth—A Marauding Planet Bent on Starry Conquest. (Beginning a Three-part Novel.)

"From an Amber Block" by Tom Curry

A Giant Amber Block at Last Gives Up Its Living, Ravenous Prey.

The Terror of Air-Level Six by Harl Vincent 

From Some Far Reach of Leagueless Space Came a Great Pillar of Flame to Lay Waste and Terrorize the Earth. (A Novelet.)

The Forgotten Planet by Sewell Peaslee Wright

The Authentic Account of Why Cosmic Man Damned an Outlaw World to Be, Forever, a Leper of Space.

"The Power and the Glory" by Charles Willard Diffin 

Sadly, Sternly, the Old Professor Reveals to His Brilliant Pupil the Greater Path to Glory.

Murder Madness (Part 3 of 4) by Murray Leinster

More and More South Americans Are Stricken with the Horrible "Murder Madness" That Lies in the Master's Fearful Poison. And Bell Is Their One Last Hope as He Fights to Stem the Swiftly Rising Tide of a Continent's Utter Enslavement. (Part Three of a Four-part Novel.)

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