Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Astounding Stories (October, 1930)

On Sale the First Thursday of Each Month

W. M. CLAYTON, Publisher
DR. DOUGLAS M. DOLD, Consulting Editor

The Clayton Standard on a Magazine Guarantees

That the stories therein are clean, interesting, vivid, by leading writers of the day and purchased under conditions approved by the Authors' League of America;

That such magazines are manufactured in Union shops by American workmen;

That each newsdealer and agent is insured a fair profit;

That an intelligent censorship guards their advertising pages.

Cover Design by H. W. Wessolowski

Painted in Oils from a Scene in "The Invisible Death."

Stolen Brains by Captain S. P. Meek

Dr. Bird, Scientific Sleuth Extraordinary, Goes After a Sinister Stealer of Brains.

The Invisible Death by Victor Rousseau

With Night-Rays and Darkness-Antidote America Strikes Back, at the Terrific and Destructive Invisible Empire. (A Complete Novelette.)

Prisoners of the Electron by Robert H. Leitfred

Fate Throws Two Young Earthians into Desperate Conflict with the Primeval Monsters of an Electron's Savage Jungles.

Jetta of the Lowlands (Part 2 of 3) by Ray Cummings

Into Remote Lowlands, in an Invisible Flyer, Go Grant and Jetta—Prisoners of a Scientific Depth Bandit. (Part Two of a Three-Part Novel.)

"An Extra Man" by Jackson Gee

Sealed and Vigilantly Guarded Was "Drayle's Invention, 1932"—for It Was a Scientific Achievement Beyond Which Man Dared Not Go.

Produced by Sankar Viswanathan, Greg Weeks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team

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