Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Edmond Hamilton

Edmond Hamilton is getting some attention lately. For one thing, Don Markstein has added an entry for the Captain Future comic to his Toonpedia. In case you're wondering his first appearance in the comics was in Startling Comics #1 (June, 1940).

Otho, Grag, and Curt in their original pulp incarnations.

And SF Signal reports that Phoenix Pick is offering a free download of The Best of Edmond Hamilton through the end of the month. I already have a hard copy of the old Del Rey printing, so I can tell you it's not something to miss.

Mine looks like this.

It's an anthology edited by his wife, Leigh Brackett, who selects some of his best stories. One that stand out for me is his 1932 novelette, A Conquest of Two Worlds, which tells a story very similar to the one told in Avatar. If you want a digital copy (and why wouldn't you?) just head over to the Phoenix Pick website and enter the Coupon Code: 9992371

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