Monday, February 7, 2011

When Hari Kunzru met Michael Moorcock

Hari Kunzru was introduced to science fiction aged 10 – and was hooked. After years of fandom, he went to meet master of the genre Michael Moorcock at home in Texas, where they discussed his 15,000 word a day habit, taking acid with his friend JG Ballard and writing a Doctor Who novel.
[via SF Signal]


Löst Jimmy said...

I saw this in the Guardian at the weekend it was a cut above the usual article on such themes.

Jerry Cornelius said...

Definitely not as vapid as some pieces like this are. And Kunzru's comments about "the supercilious staff" at the comic store are something I can relate to since for the longest time there was only one comic store around here and the owner was notorious for belittling his customers.