Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Adventures of Superman

Atom Man In Metropolis 01
Atom Man In Metropolis 02
Atom Man In Metropolis 03
Atom Man In Metropolis 04

As our old time radio serial continues, Superman lies near death, struck down by the deadly radioactive blasts of the Atom Man, a villain determined to conquer the world. His first step: destroy Metropolis.

Meanwhile, the contemporary iteration of the stranger from the planet Krypton has ruffled feathers by threatening to renounce his US citizenship. That's right, reactionaries, who spend most of their time ranting about "illegal immigrants" are now apoplectic because pop-culture's most famous illegal immigrant is no longer pledging allegiance to their flag. Logical coherence was never their strong suit. Personally I don't find such actions particularly noteworthy. For one thing he's doing this in the context of opposition to the Iranian theocracy, which is strictly in line with Washington's agenda. If he had been opposing a US backed autocracy, like the the one in Bahrain, then it would be more impressive. In any case, Kal-El had better have is wallet ready. Recent changes in US law mean you have to pay hundreds of dollars to have your citizenship canceled. Uncle Sam is kind of a dick that way.


Löst Jimmy said...

There was that alternative timeline in which Superman was a Soviet citizen (Red Son). Not a bad read as I recall

Jerry Cornelius said...

They should do one where he lands in China and gets raised by an old hermit. The could call it Superman Dragon Ball.