Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music for Robots

Back in 1961 the Ackermonster provided narration for the electronica LP by Frank Allison Coe, Music for Robots. It's not Stockhausen, but it's an interesting example of musical experimentation. The cover, seen in the above ad, featured Forry's face superimposed on the robot from the cheesy drive-in flick, Tobor the Great (1954).

Tone Tales From Tomorrow (instrumental)

Tin Age Story (with Forry sharing his thoughts on robots)

[via Dangerous Minds]


Sam Swain said...

Just tracked this down as I've been looking for the source of a sample at the end of the track 'Escape Velocity' from The Chemical Brothers new album 'Further'. The sample is "Well, that was some experience. Now just let me adjust the spacial controls and we'll move to another observation point." from 15:00 into 'Tin Age Story'. I also just realise this closely followed by another familiar sample "Do you suppose robots would enjoy listening to music?...Would you be willing to work on it...You already have and it's on the other side of the record.", which I've just tracked down to The Orbs track 'Micky Mars' which I have on the 'UFOff - The Best Of The Orb' compilation (at 1:16). :o)

Jerry Cornelius said...

Forry sure gets around. I wonder how many of the people who have grooved on those songs know they're hearing the voice of the world's biggest science fiction fan?