Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Adventures of Superman

Looking For Kryptonite Part 06
Looking For Kryptonite Part 07
Looking For Kryptonite Part 08
Looking For Kryptonite Part 09
Looking For Kryptonite Part 10

Helped by his friends, Batman and Robin, Superman pursues the mysterious gang whose symbol is a crescent and star. It's interesting to note that unlike today's Batman, who often uses the threat of torture to get criminals to talk, this Golden Age Batman instead gets info using a clever ruse. Odd, but clever.


Löst Jimmy said...

Right about that Jerry. The old classic Batman used Detective work, along the lines of Sherlock Holmes unlike the modern bitter Batman who is more akin to the Death Wish generation than classic gumshoes.

Jerry Cornelius said...

Yeah, even the Batcave started out as a secret crime lab and grew from there. Batman was always kind of violent, but once bloodthirsty Marvel characters like Wolverine and The Punisher became really popular I suppose it was inevitable that he would follow suit.

Toast said...

As much as I love the old classic Batman I prefer the modern violent stuff. He was originally a lot tougher on the bad guys and I have seen a reprint where he hangs a villain from the batcopter!

Jerry Cornelius said...

Yes, originally he even used a pistol and had machine guns on the batplane. That changed over time, but now he's back to being a sadistic vigilante. (At least Bruce is. There's actually a bunch of different Batmen running around right now.)