Monday, August 15, 2011


Comicdom's grand shaman Grant Morrison did an interview last night on NPR to promote his new book, Supergods.

Comic Books' Secret Identity Revealed In 'Supergods'

He has an interesting take on things, especially his juxtaposition of the solar Superman with the nocturnal Batman. However, I don't think his suggestion that the dichotomy was intentional holds up. Superman didn't originally derive his powers from the sun. That was a Mort Weisinger innovation. And Bob Kane originally envisioned his character as a blonde guy in red tights. But it's still a provocative perspective.

I'm sure by now you've already seen his performance at Meltdown Comics last month. Supposedly "...Morrison was given this song by the spirit of John Lennon, which Morrison communed with in a magic ritual while writing The Invisibles." Ever since the Fox sisters heard that rapping people have been getting new works from deceased artists. New plays by Shakespeare, new poems by Keats, new arrangements by Mozart. Usually they don't compare well to artist's existing work. You can judge for yourself how this compares to Lennon's other songs.

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