Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Walking the Hog"

Transmitted over the æther comes the news that Michael Moorcock has new story coming out, "Walking the Hog." It features none other than my namesake, Jerry Cornelius. As Reinart der Fuchs informs us,

"Correct me if I am wrong, but we are looking at the first ever published direct to Kindle and eBook Moorcock with a brand spanking new Jerry Cornelius no less. Jerry finds himself yearning for ages past while under the modern oppressive brandocracies. Michael has done it again by producing the very first 3D HD 4G fully digital Cornelius original short. Oh what will he think of next?! Walking the hog indeed! It will be the tastiest 3,500 words you'll ever download and yearn to see in print.

But that's not the only thing you get when you buy Kizuna: Fiction for Japan! You'll get 74, count them, 74 short stories across numerous genres by know and unknown writers. Mostly original stuff, much of which has been translated from Japanese and other languages to an all English anthology for charity. Most pieces are about 1,000 words in length, perfect for reading during a short break, bus ride or bio-break.

Also, Mr. The Fox, Herr Fox, Reinart AKA Berry Sizemore contributed The Feast of the Fly, my very first stab at original Japanese mythology.

For all the details visit Kizuna: Fiction for Japan or just click on the Moorcock's Miscellany logo above and scroll down a bit.

Oh, and please help us spread the word so we can help ease the suffering of kids affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami. "

A fine contribution to a worthy cause. Not to be missed, as they say. Yet I can't help pointing out that buying something, purchasing a commodity for charity is exactly the kind of ideological mechanism that Slavoj Žižek has identified in his writings and talks like this one.

Which shouldn't discourage you from getting the book. As Žižek emphasizes, "I'm not against charity!" Just be aware of the hypocrisy at work in the system.

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