Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The first stories of two authors today. Charles L. Fontenay was a Tennessee newspaperman who wrote for If before quitting the genre in the early 1960's, only to attempt a return in the 1990's. Leigh Richmond wrote in collaboration with her husband Walt. According to John Clute, writing in the Encyclopedia of SF, they used their stories to express opposition to "orthodox scientific thinking" and founded something called the Centric Foundation to advance this opinion.

(Cover by Max Reach)

"Disqualified" by Charles L. Fontenay (If Worlds of Science Fiction, September 1954)

"If Saranta wished to qualify as one who loved his fellow man, he should have known that often the most secretive things are the most obvious."

(Cover by Schoenherr)

"Prologue to an Analogue" by Leigh Richmond (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, June 1961)

"Finnagle's Law shows that many times we don't get the effect we planned on. But ... there's an inverse to that famous law, too...."

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