Sunday, October 25, 2009

High Dragon Bump

Just added to Project Gutenberg today...

"The Helpful Hand of God" by Tom Godwin

"...Can be very helpful indeed. But of course, it's long been known that God helps those who wisely help themselves...."

"Black Eyes and the Daily Grind" by Stephen Marlowe

"The little house pet from Venus didn't like New York, so New York had to change."

"High Dragon Bump" by Don Thompson

"If it took reduction or torch hair, the Cirissins wanted a bump. Hokum, thistle, gluck."

The Pathless Trail (1922) by Arthur O. Friel

"McKay and his two companions (a boisterous redhead named Tim Ryan and a bland blond named Meredith Knowlton) are in the scary jungles of Brazil to try and locate a missing heir to a fortune. The lost millionaire has been reported to have gone native, running around nearly naked with a bow, frightening traders and acting pretty much insane.The three heroes have been commissioned to find the wild millionaire and return him back to the States. But right off the bat, there`s trouble in the form of a Prussian brute named Karl Schwandorf, who immediately begins to scheme against them for his own vile reasons." Dr Hermes Reviews

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