Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today Project Gutenberg adds a story by Randall Garrett, perhaps best remembered for his Lord Darcy series, and the next-to-last Hawk Carse yarn.

Illustrated by van Dongen

"Psichopath" by Randall Garrett (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, October 1960)

"Given psi powers like clairvoyance and telepathy, solving problems of sabotage would be easy, of course. That is, it seems that way at first thought!"

The Passing of Ku Sui (A Complete Novelette) by Anthony Gilmore

"A screaming streak in the night—a cloud of billowing steam—and the climax of Hawk Carse's spectacular "Affair of the Brains" is over."

Illustrated by Paul Orban

"DP" by Arthur Dekker Savage (If Worlds of Science Fiction, September 1954)

"Once upon a time life was perfection. Government made sure its citizens were supplied with every comfort and pleasure. But sometimes perfection breeds boredom and ..."

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