Thursday, February 4, 2010

Astounding Stories (July, 1931)

The Doom from Planet 4 By Jack Williamson

"A Ray of Fire, Green, Mysterious, Stabs Through the Night to Dan on His Ship. It Leads Him to an Island of Unearthly Peril."

The Hands of Aten (A Complete Novelette.) By H. G. Winter (pseudonym)

"Out of the Solid Ice Craig Hews Three Long-Frozen Egyptians and Is at Once Caught Up into Amazing Adventure."

The Diamond Thunderbolt By H. Thompson Rich

"Locked in a Rocket and Fired into Space! Such Was the Fate which Awaited Young Stoddard at the End of the Diamond Trail!"

The Slave Ship From Space By A. R. Holmes (pseudonym)

"Three Kidnapped Earthlings Show Xantra of the Tillas How "Docile" Earth Slaves Can Be."

The Revolt of the Machines By Nat Schachner and Arthur L. Zagat

"Something in the Many-Faceted Mind of the Master Machine Spurs It to Diabolical Revolt Against the Authority of Its Human Masters."

The Exile of Time (Conclusion.) By Ray Cummings

"Only Near the End of the World Does Fate Catch Up with Tugh, the Cripple Who Ran Amuck Through Time."

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