Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Strange Tale of Solarcon-6

The Fortean Times is featuring an article by Nick Redfern, author of Science Fiction Secrets: From Government Files and the Paranormal, on one of the more unpleasant episodes of PKD's later life.

"Undoubtedly, one of the prime reasons why Dick attracted attention from the FBI was a series of bizarre letters he penned to the Bureau in the early 1970s, in which he described his personal knowledge of an alleged underground Nazi cabal that was attempting to covertly manipulate science fiction writers to further advance its hidden cause."

Most serious fans know the general outlines of this sordid story, which involves PKD making false accusations against the late Thomas M. Disch. The whole incident served as the inspiration for PKD's novel A Scanner Darkly (1977). The article draws on declassified documents to reveal all the details of the affair and is well worth reading.

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