Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm still in something of a state of shock over the catastrophe that has struck Japan. Here are some of the resources I've been using to keep up with events. The main one is NHK World TV which is providing a live stream.

Online video chat by Ustream

Radio Japan English has expanded it's normal broadcast to cover the disaster.

Earthquakes aren't isolated events and Japan continues to be hit by magnitude 5-6 shocks. The USGS provides live data about earthquakes worldwide, and as you can see the aftershocks hammering Japan continue.

The disaster has been compounded by the nuclear emergency at the Fukushima reactors. The IAEA is providing updates on the situation. However, given the nuclear industry's record of lying to the public, especially in times of crisis, I'm getting alternative news from the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

This bird's-eye view from NASA’s Terra satellite shows the how terrible the deluge caused by the tsunami was.

Again I'm saddened by this disaster and extend my deepest condolences and best wishes to the all the Japanese peoples.


Löst Jimmy said...

Some good links there Jerry.

Like you I am a state of shock, I feel absolutely powerless to assist as I watch the events on television. Donating in my case to the Red Cross appeal just seems wholly inadequate in the face of the toll taken by the NE coast and the horrors yet unseen.

Jerry Cornelius said...

I know exactly what you mean. And now the nuclear crisis is making an unbelievably bad situation even worse. I just feel numb.