Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motörhead Versus the System

There's a great review by Ben Terrall of Motörhead's The World is Yours over at Counterpunch.

After 35 years of raging against conformity and injustice, Motörhead still cuts through bullshit with alacrity. Lemmy explained recently that the new album's title is strictly sarcastic, as the world is now owned by banks, not rock and roll enthusiasts.

What does this have to do with sf? Lemmy had cameos in both Hardware (1990) and Citizen Toxie (2000), that's what.


Löst Jimmy said...

Thanks for the review link

"Just 'Cos You Got the Power, That Don't Mean You Got the Right"...indeed

Jerry Cornelius said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see that review there. And the music vid is great. It has the same vibe as Eat the Rich.

"Why do we vote for faceless dogs? We always take the bait."