Friday, March 18, 2011

Amazing Stories #1

"The first issue of the first science-fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, published by Hugo Gernsback, a New York inventor and publisher of technical magazines, appeared on the stands and presumably arrived in the mail for subscriptions around the first week of March 1926. Within a little more than ten years, Amazing Stories and its later rivals numbered 345 issues..." E. F. Bleiler, Science-fiction: The Gernsback Years

"Professor Martyn invents a box that allows one to increase or decrease one's size. Kirby, wearing the device, makes himself increasingly larger, until he is larger than the universe. At his point he cannot easily shrink himself and still find the Earth, so he settles for a planet somewhat like Earth."

"While vacationing in Labrador, something begins to kill off the party - something which burns patterns into everything in its path, including rock."

"Strange globes of force appear across the world, removing chunks of land and ocean. The globes were sent by Martians, who are trying to steal Earth's water resources. The man who saves the Earth is Charles Huyck, who figures out how to disable the globes."

[Images via Golden Age Comic Book Stories, summaries via The Internet Speculative Fiction Database]

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