Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Copper-Clad World

From the days of Hugo Gernsback comes a thrilling sf novella courtesy of Project Gutenberg.

The Copper-Clad World by Harl Vincent

"Blaine comes out of the hypnosis of the pink gas to find himself deep within Io, the copper-clad second satellite of Jupiter."

Harl Vincent was a pseudonym of mechanical engineer and New Yorker Harold Vincent Schoepflin (1893-1968). Everett F. Bleiler comments that "Vincent was one of the most prolific genre writers of the pre-Campbell period..." He penned pulp stories with lurid titles like "The War of the Planets," "Microcosmic Buccaneers," and "The Terror of Air-Level Six." Bleiler's assessment is that "Vincent was an uneven writer, whose work, though always demonstrating intelligence, often showed marks of haste. It would seem obvious that he often wrote down for the market." He seems to have quit writing when WWII broke out, but briefly returned to the genre in the late 1960's with tales like "Lethal Planetoid," "Space Storm," and the planetary romance novel, The Doomsday Planet (1966).

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