Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Plus Two Makes Crazy

Three very short science fiction stories from Project Gutenberg today.

Of Time and Texas by William F. Nolan

"Open the C. Cydwick Ohms Time Door, take but a single step, and—"

Two Plus Two Makes Crazy by Walter J. Sheldon

"The Computer could do no wrong. Then it was asked a simple little question by a simple little man."

Benefactor by George H. Smith

"He clutched at the lever with more force than he'd intended. It was set for further in the future...."

William F. Nolan is most famous for writing the novel Logan's Run (1967) and its sequels. Walter Sheldon is something of an enigma and not much seems to be known about him. George H. Smith shouldn't be confused with the Libertarian ideologue of the same name, or with fellow sf writer George O. Smith, author of the Venus Equilateral series.

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