Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sargasso of Space

This just detected on the scope, Project Gutenberg has added another story by Edmond "Sun Smasher" Hamilton.

The Sargasso of Space by Edmond Hamilton

"Helpless, doomed, into the graveyard of space floats the wrecked freighter Pallas."

Edmond Hamilton was one of the towering figures of early space opera and is on my Appendix N (which despite the facetious introduction really does list authors I like.) Wikipedia gets it right when it says, "Hamilton was always associated with an extravagant, romantic, high-adventure style of SF, perhaps best represented by his 1947 novel The Star Kings." I'd add his Interstellar Patrol novels, Outside the Universe (1964) and Crashing Suns (1965), all of which are available via you public library.

(Don't confuse this with Andre Norton's later novel of the same name, which is part of here Solar Queen series.)

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