Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek (TOS) Episodes Written by SF Authors

The Crotchety Old Fan has a great post about The 18 Star Trek (TOS) Episodes Written by Science Fiction Authors.

"What with all the Star Trek hoopla for the origins re-do, not to mention the release of the Best Original Trek DVD, I decided to take a look at not just the best but ALL of the episodes of the original series that were written by real science fiction authors."

I've always thought that one of the reasons Star Trek had such lasting appeal is that it wasn't just another Hollywood fistfight, but had one foot in the sf world. That hasn't really happened since, although Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski was no stranger to the genre. That's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ABC's upcoming television adaptation of Robert J. Sawyer's novel Flashforward. If it does well maybe we'll see more sf books and series on screen and George R. R. Martin can stop bellyaching.


Crotchety Old Fan said...

Thanks for the mention, Jerry. (and thanks for the blogroll listings - I'll be adding you to mine today)

Any chance you've heard from Bastable lately?


Jerry Cornelius said...

Last I heard Bastable and von Bek were headed for parts unknown.