Sunday, June 28, 2009

Astounding Stories of Super-Science

Project Gutenberg continues to add public domain science fiction stories to its shelves. Here's a few more recent acquisitions.

(Kang and Kodos drop by unexpectedly.)

Astounding Stories of Super-Science (September, 1930)

A complete issue of this legendary magazine, featuring another of Sewell P. Wright's thrilling Commander John Hanson space operas, this one with the unbeatable title, "The Terrible Tentacles of L-472."

Made in Tanganyika by Carl Richard Jacobi (Fantastic Universe, May 1954)

"See what happens when two conchologists get caught in a necromantic nightmare of their own."

Reel Life Films by Sam Merwin (Fantastic Universe, May 1954)

"Pity the poor purveyor of mere entertainment in today's world. He can't afford to offend a soul, yet must have a villain."

Be It Ever Thus by Robert Moore Williams (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)

"The planet's natives were so similar to their conquerors that no one could tell them apart -- except for their difference in thinking."

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