Friday, June 19, 2009

Operation Lorelie

Project Gutenberg serves up more science fictional goodness.

Operation Lorelie by William P. Salton (Amazing Stories, March 1954)

"It was a new time and a vast new war of complete and awful annihilation. Yet, some things never change, and, as in ancient times, Ulysses walked again—brave and unconquerable—and again, the sirens wove their deadly spell with a smile and a song."

Acid Bath by Vaseleos Garson (Planet Stories, July 1952)

"The starways' Lone Watcher had expected some odd developments in his singular, nerve-fraught job on the asteroid. But nothing like the weird twenty-one-day liquid test devised by the invading Steel-Blues."

The Inheritors: An Extravagant Story by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford

"The inheritors are a breed of cold materialists, calling themselves Fourth Dimensionists, whose task is to occupy the earth. An unsuccessful English writer meets a fascinating woman by chance, who seems to talk in metaphors. She claims to be from the Fourth Dimension and a major player in a plan to "inherit the earth."

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