Monday, June 22, 2009

Dream Town

If Project Gutenberg keeps up this pace I'll never get all these stories read, but I'll sure as hell try. Today, four more tales from the Golden Age, plus a complete issue of Astounding from 1930.

G-r-r-r...! by Roger Arcot (Fantastic Universe, January 1957)

"He had borne the thousand and one injuries with humility and charity. But the insults! These were more than he could suffer...."

It's All Yours by Samuel Merwin, Jr. (Fantastic Universe, November 1956)

"It was a lonely thing to rule over a dying world—a world that had become sick, so terribly sick...."

Mutineer by Robert J. Shea (If, July 1959)

"For every weapon there was a defense, but not against the deadliest weapon—man himself!"

Dream Town by Henry Slesar (Fantastic Universe, January 1957)

"The woman in the doorway looked so harmless. Who was to tell she had some rather startling interests?"

Astounding Stories, July 1930 Complete issue.

Featuring another of Sewell P. Wright's Commander John Hanson space operas, "The Forgotten Planet". "The Authentic Account of Why Cosmic Man Damned an Outlaw World to Be, Forever, a Leper of Space."

And the always dependable Harl Vincent's novelette, "The Terror of Air-Level Six". "From Some Far Reach of Leagueless Space Came a Great Pillar of Flame to Lay Waste and Terrorize the Earth."

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