Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Astounding Stories (August, 1931)

The Danger from the Deep by Ralph Milne Farley

"Marooned on the Sea-Floor, His Hoisting Cable Cut, Young Abbot Is Left at the Mercy of the Man-Sharks."

Brood of the Dark Moon by Charles Willard Diffin

"Once More Chet, Walt and Diane Are United in a Wild Ride to the Dark Moon. But This Time They Go as Prisoners of Their Deadly Enemy Schwartzmann." (Beginning a Four-Part Novel.)

If The Sun Died by R. F. Starzl

"Tens of Millenniums After the Death of the Sun There Comes a Young Man Who Dares to Open the Frozen Gate of Subterranea."

The Midget From the Island by Harry Bates and Desmond W. Hall (as by H. G. Winter)

"Garth Howard, Prey to Half the Animals of the Forest, Fights Valiantly to Regain His Lost Five Feet of Size."

The Moon Weed by Harl Vincent

"Unwittingly the Traitor of the Earth, Van Pits Himself Against the Inexorably Tightening Web of Plant-Beasts He Has Released from the Moon."

The Port of Missing Planes by Captain S. P. Meek

"In the Underground Caverns of the Selom, Dr. Bird Once Again Locks Wills with the Subversive Genius, Saranoff."

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