Monday, June 7, 2010

The Trap

"Cube Root of Conquest" by Rog Phillips

"What actual result is there in the act of conquest? What is its cube root?"

"Death of a B.E.M." by Berkeley Livingston

"The writer hated to create bug-eyed monsters, but they hated him too!"

Shock Treatment by Stanley Mullen

"I'll give you the cure for the most horrible disease," Songeen said. "The sickness of life itself." Newlin replied, "Fine. But first, give me a couple of minutes to kill your husband. Then we'll go on from there."

"Wait for Weight" by Jack McKenty

"Sometimes the best incentive is to tell a man that success will throw him out of a job!"

"The Trap" by Betsy Curtis

"She had her mind made up—the one way they'd make her young again was over her dead body!"

"Mr. President" by Stephen Arr

"He had been overwhelmingly elected. Messages of sympathy poured in, but they couldn't help ... nothing could."

"Greg tried desperately to find an illegal method of joining his family on Mars; for the law said that no healthy man could land on a—"

"Cancer World" by Harry Warner, Jr.

"Disaster Revisited" by Milton Lesser (as by Darius John Granger)

'It annoyed Jason Wall that everybody talked about death but nobody did anything about it. So he decided to eliminate the pesky nuisance. But in the end he longed for a chance to say, "Fellas—I was only kidding!"'

"Life is pretty strange when a god who is good and benevolent must prove that he has"

"Feet of Clay" by Robert Hoskins (as by Phillip Hoskins)

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