Monday, June 14, 2010

The Impossible Voyage Home

"The Plotters" by Richard S. Shaver (as by Alexander Blade)

"He came from a far planet to find some of the Earth's secrets. But Marko found other things, too—like his love for beautiful Beth."

"Tillie" by Rog Phillips (as by Craig Browning)

'She was just a blob of metal, but she had emotions like any woman. She, too, wanted ROMANCE, and wasn't coy about running after her "guy".'

The Impossible Voyage Home by F. L. Wallace

"The right question kept getting the wrong answer—but old Ethan and Amantha got the right answer by asking the wrong question!

Mezzerow Loves Company by F. L. Wallace

"There were pride and indignation in Mezzerow's mission to Earth and yet a practical reason ... but maybe he should have let bad enough alone!"

Produced by Greg Weeks, Mary Meehan and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team

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