Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black Amazon of Mars

The War in the Air (1908) by H. G. Wells

"It was only very slowly that Bert got hold of this idea that the whole world was at war, that he formed any image at all of the crowded countries south of these Arctic solitudes stricken with terror and dismay as these new-born aerial navies swept across their skies."

"The Chameleon Man" by William P. McGivern

"Perfect adaptation, that's what it was. When a human being can blend with his surroundings, funny things can happen!"

Black Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett

"Grimly Eric John Stark slogged toward that ancient Martian city—with every step he cursed the talisman of Ban Cruach that flamed in his blood-stained belt. Behind him screamed the hordes of Ciaran, hungering for that magic jewel—ahead lay the dread abode of the Ice Creatures—at his side stalked the whispering spectre of Ban Cruach, urging him on to a battle Stark knew he must lose!

"No one knew, no one cared. For a great lethargy was overcoming the people and their only salvation was—"

"The Last Gentleman" by Rory Magill

Ye of Little Faith by Rog Phillips

"It matters not whether you believe or disbelieve. Reality is not always based on logic; nor, particularly, are the laws of the universe...."

"The Anglers of Arz" by Roger Dee

"In order to make Izaak Walton's sport complete, there must be an angler, a fish, and some bait. All three existed on Arz but there was a question as to which was which."

Spillthrough by Daniel F. Galouye

"Ships switching from hyper to normal space had to do it in a micro-second—if the crews were to live. But it would take Brad suicidal minutes!"

"Project Hush" by William Tenn

"The biggest job in history and it had to be done with complete secrecy. It was—which was just the trouble!"

"The Standardized Man" by Stephen Bartholomew

"The dilemma of "The Man in the White Suit" was but a minor irritation compared to Charles and his "all-weather" suit!"

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