Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time Enough at Last

"Monsoons of Death" by William P. McGivern (as by Gerald Vance)

"Ward Harrison got himself into a barrel of trouble when he accepted a job at the Martian Observation Station. There were fearful "things" on Mars...."

"The Envoy, Her" by H. B. Fyfe

"The Emperor must be getting old, they thought, to deal so mercifully with the upstart Jursan Rebels—which was quite true. He was not too young to dream...."

The Hell Ship by Raymond A. Palmer

"The passengers rocketed through space in luxury. But they never went below decks because rumor had it that Satan himself manned the controls of The Hell Ship."

"Time Enough at Last" by Lyn Venable

"The atomic bomb meant, to most people, the end.
To Henry Bemis it meant something far different—a thing to appreciate and enjoy.

"Restricted Tool" by Malcolm B. Morehart, Jr.

"Finders, keepers, is an unwritten law. But the gadget Clark accidentally found had a special set of rules governing its use by whom—and when!"

"The Salesman" by Waldo T. Boyd

"SALESMAN'S GUIDE, RULE 2: The modern 1995 customer who enters Tracy's Department Store is not always right, but as far as you are concerned, he is."

"Back to Julie" by Richard Wilson

"The side-shuffle is no dance step. It's the choice between making time ... and doing time!"

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