Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Stitch in Time

Written by sf author Steven Barnes this uncharacteristically good episode of The (nu) Outer Limits is one of the best time travel tales ever to make it on television.


Robert Saint John said...

Anything is better with Michelle Forbes :) And Amanda Plummer was great in this. I remember giving up on nuOL fairly quickly in the first season, but this drew me back in later on. Sometimes is was great, sometimes not, but I appreciated that it also treated SF seriously (when it wasn't trying to be salacious... two words: Alyssa Milano)

Jerry Cornelius said...

Ro Laren really gets around doesn't she? The show is pretty hit-or-miss, but they adapted a few good sf stories like "Sandkings" and Binder's "I, Robot", which I like.