Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big Tomorrow

Today from Project Gutenberg a Golden Age short story by the pseudonymous "Paul Lohrman." Up to seven different writers used this nom de plume (including the infamous Richard S. Shaver) so the real author remains unknown.

The Big Tomorrow by Paul Lohrman (Amazing Stories, Oct.-Nov. 1953)

"There are certain rare individuals in this world who seem bereft of all common sense. These are the people who set their eyes upon an objective and immediately all intelligence, logic, good advice, unsolvable problems, and insurmountable obstacles go completely by the boards. The characters we refer to are obviously just plain stupid. What they want to do, just can't be done. The objectives they have in mind are unachievable and anyone with an ounce of brains can tell them so and give them good reasons. They are usually pretty sad cases and often land in the funny house. But then again, some of them go out and discover new worlds."

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