Monday, September 7, 2009

Vagabonds of Space

From Project Gutenberg comes a complete issue of Astounding Stories (November, 1930).

The Wall of Death By Victor Rousseau

"Out of the Antarctic It Came—a Wall of Viscid, Grey, Half-Human Jelly, Absorbing and Destroying All Life That It Encountered."

The Pirate Planet By Charles W. Diffin

"A Strange Light Blinks on Venus, and Over Old Earth Hovers a Mysterious Visitant—Dread Harbinger of Interplanetary War." (Beginning a Four-Part Novel.)

The Destroyer By William Merriam Rouse

"Slowly, Insidiously, There Stole Over Allen Parker Something Uncanny. He Could No Longer Control His Hands—Even His Brain!"

The Gray Plague By L. A. Eshbach

"Maimed and Captive, in the Depths of an Interplanetary Meteor-Craft, Lay the Only Possible Savior of Plague-Ridden Earth."

Jetta of the Lowlands By Ray Cummings

"Black-Garbed Figures Move in Ghastly Greenness As the Invisible Flyer Speeds on Its Business of Ransom." (Conclusion.)

Vagabonds of Space By Harl Vincent

"From the Depths of the Sargasso Sea of Space Came the Thought-Warning, "Turn Back!" But Carr and His Martian Friend Found It Was Too Late!" (A Complete Novelette.)

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Barking Alien said...

The picture and 'Thought Warning' make the 'Vagabonds of Space' strangely reminiscent of the Zhodani from Traveller. No?