Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off Course

Project Gutenberg presents a few Golden Age sf stories including a humorous close encounter tale by the late, great Mack Reynolds.

I'll Kill You Tomorrow by Helen Huber (If Worlds of Science Fiction, November 1953)

"The entities were utterly, ambitiously evil; their line of defense, apparently, was absolutely impregnable."

(ill. by John Schoenherr)

Lost in Translation by Laurence M. Janifer (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, August 1961)

"In language translation, you may get a literally accurate word-for-word translation ... but miss the meaning entirely. And in space-type translation ... the effect may be the same!"

(ill. by Kelly Freas)

Off Course by Mack Reynolds (If Worlds of Science Fiction, January 1954)

"Shure and begorra, it was a great day for the Earth! The first envoy from another world was about to speak—that is, if he could forget that horse for a minute...."

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