Friday, September 4, 2009

Good news, bad news

First, the good news.

Tom Baker, who is the best Dr. Who ever, period, is back in the BBC audio drama, Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest. I love audio dramas since they give your imagination free rein to picture things in the mind's eye. Although now that the voice of Dr. Who is going to be the same voice that narrated Little Britain things could get confusing. If I can just resist the urge to visualize Lou and Andy in the background of every scene I'll be doing good.

Now the bad news.

Dave "QuasarDragon" Tackett, who tirelessly rounds up free sf on the web, has found something better to do with his time.

"QuasarDragon will be going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. However, I will still be sending links to SF Signal so please check them out for free fiction links (e-fiction, audio fiction, comics, etc) as well as all the other cool stuff they regularly post."

It's not terribly bad news since SF Signal is a great site and I check everyday anyway. That's how I found this link to an awesome post about The Zepplin Pulps, which includes the following tidbit:

'During the late 1920s Frank Armer (1895-1965) was the man behind Ramer Reviews, a publisher of four minor pulps, including Zeppelin Stories, which was best known for Gil Brewer’s lost apes-and-zeppelins classic, “The Gorilla of the Gasbags.”'

Apes-and-zeppelins is now my favorite genre.

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