Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Satellite System

Today from Project Gutenberg come a few H. B. Fyfe stories.

Irresistible Weapon by H. B. Fyfe (If Worlds of Science Fiction, July, 1953)

"There's no such thing as a weapon too horrible to use; weapons will continue to become bigger, and deadlier. Like other things that can't be stopped...."

The Outbreak of Peace by H. B. Fyfe (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, February, 1961)

"When properly conducted, a diplomatic mission can turn the most smashing of battle-successes into a fabulous Pyrrhic victory."

Satellite System by H. B. Fyfe (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, October, 1960)

"Fyfe's quite right ... there's nothing like a satellite system for a cold storage arrangement. Keeps things handy, but out of the way...."

Join Our Gang? by Sterling E. Lanier (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, May, 1961)

"They didn't exactly hold a gun at anybody's head; all they offered was help. Of course, they did sort of encourage people to ask for help...."

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