Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The volunteers at Project Gutenberg present...

Flamedown by H. B. Fyfe (Analog Science Fact & Fiction, August 1961)

"It was, of course, one Hell of an ending for a trip to Mars—"

Dogfight—1973 by Mack Reynolds (Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy, July 1953)

"Flying at 1600 m.p.h. you act with split-second timing after you sight the enemy. And you're allowed only one mistake—your last!"


Barking Alien said...

Very inspiring cover...Aside from the awesome creature design (you can really feel a sense of the size and weight of the beast), the tag at the bottom right, "Heavy Planet Design" makes me want to read this for research purposes. Excellent.

Jerry Cornelius said...

That is a great beastie, isn't it? The thing is they don't list the artist's name anywhere. It looks like Darrell K. Sweet's style, but I don't know if he ever did covers for Analog.

Jerry Cornelius said...

Where's my head? The cover is by John Schoenherr who did several of the internal illustrations too. He's credited right there on the isfdb page I linked to.