Thursday, May 27, 2010

Armageddon--2419 A.D.

Armageddon—2419 A.D.  by Philip Francis Nowlan (The debut of Buck Rogers)

"Here, once more, is a real scientifiction story plus. It is a story which will make the heart of many readers leap with joy.

We have rarely printed a story in this magazine that for scientific interest, as well as suspense, could hold its own with this particular story. We prophesy that this story will become more valuable as the years go by. It certainly holds a number of interesting prophecies, of which no doubt, many will come true. For wealth of science, it will be hard to beat for some time to come. It is one of those rare stories that will bear reading and re-reading many times.

This story has impressed us so favorably, that we hope the author may be induced to write a sequel to it soon."

Deepfreeze by Robert Donald Locke

"Life and the future belong to the strong—so Dollard laughed as he fled Earth and Mankind's death agony. But the last laugh was yet to come...."

Rich Living by Michael Cathal

"No other planet in the entire Galaxy was at all like Rejuvenal ... it was the only world worth one's whole fortune for a short visit!"

"One Way" by Miriam Allen DeFord

"I thought of every way to save Hal from the Lydna Project and failed ... but the women didn't!"

"Big Stupe" by Charles V. De Vet

"Smart man, Bruckner—he knew how to handle natives ... but they knew even better how to deal with smart terrestrials!"

(Produced by Greg Weeks, Stephen Blundell, Mary Meehan, Sankar Viswanathan and the Online Distributed Proofreading)

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