Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The World with a Thousand Moons

The World with a Thousand Moons by Edmond Hamilton

"Grim death was the only romance to be found on this world that boasted a thousand moons."

Space Science Fiction, September 1953

The Escape (Part 1 of 2) by Poul Anderson (book publication as Brain Wave 1954)

"The effect of the Change was actually rather small—but great enough to make foxes open locked doors, turn a moron into a super-moron, and give Earth a galaxy while its own system fell to pieces under it!"  Removed by order of Astrid Anderson Bear & Greg Bear.

The Book by Michael Shaara

"A weird world—cut off from the Universe, it had universal wisdom; facing death at every moment, it had the secret of peace!"

"The Honored Prophet" by William E. Bentley

"The black dwarf sun sent its assassin on a mission which was calculated to erase the threat to its existence. But prophesies run in strange patterns and, sometimes, an act of evasion becomes an act of fulfillment...."

Sam, This is You by Murray Leinster

"Sam had led a peaceful and impecunious life—until a voice cut in on a phone and said: Sam, this is You."

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