Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voyage to Eternity

"The 7th Order" by Jerry Sohl

"History is filled with invincible conquerors. This one from space was genuinely omnipotent, but that never keeps humanity from resisting!"

Voyage to Eternity by Milton Lesser

"Temple faced leaving Earth—and the girl he loved—if his country drafted him. But the hard part was in knowing he'd never return!..."

"You're not expected to believe this story since it's the kind of thing that science calls impossible. But anyway, she happened. Who? Why—"

"The Animated Pinup" by Lewis Parker

"Only a race as incredibly elastic as the Grom could have a single rule of war:"

Keep Your Shape by Robert Sheckley (aka Shape)

Pet Farm by Roger Dee

"The next worst thing to hell is being shanghaied into the Paradise of an alien planet!"

"Time Fuze" by Randall Garrett

"The ultradrive had just one slight drawback: it set up a shock wave that made suns explode. Which made the problem of getting back home a delicate one indeed....

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